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Sex and Breed of Fry

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I just got a fry that was marked as a male. However, from what I've read, it's not easy to sex them at his age, so I'm taking that with a grain of salt! However, I was wondering if anyone has a general idea of this little guy's sex or breed. I'm guessing crown tail but I have no clue! Also, any guess on the color he'll be? The black rings around the eyes are interesting, do they give any indication?

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I would say that is a baby boy. Ad far as breed, his is a Betta splenden. Also, rays grow faster than the webbing, so I wouldn't say CT just yet. His dorsal and anal fin don't appear to have any web reduction.
I have no idea how to guess the color, but I would say his eyes are just his eye color.
Check out this awesome thread all about baby betta: PetCo Baby Betta Care
He's growing! Here's how he looks now. Do the splits in his tail mean anything?
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definitely boy. and those are his rays. they split naturally like that. Normally petco babies are veiltails but I have seen some crown tails and double tails. Wait until his tail grows some more you can tell a lot by how many rays they have. Veiltails can't have more than 2 rays.
Thanks! So just to make sure I'm understanding, the rays are the split in the end of the tail? I'll keep posting his progress here as he grows :)
The rays are the ribs or battens that stiffen the fins. They are counted at the edge of the fin. His look like 2-ray branching, which usually indicates a veiltail. There are 2-ray Plakats, but he's not one.

As for color, he'll surprise you.
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