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Hi, I'm a kinda new Betta owner (i have had one betta before this one,probably 2-3 years ago. he up and died)
Bert (my betta) is shedding muccousy stuff and scales all over his tank, he has some flat rocks that are bigger than him and two sea shells on the floor of his tank. His tank is a glass goldfishish bowl and doesn't have any filters or heater or anything. i got him from a previous owner who left him at college:(

He doesn't eat but will swim around and go up for air. he made a bubble nest once (but i think he got depressed that i had to clean his tank and tank it out) and hasn't done it again. That was probably around two weeks or so ago. since when i got him he has lost some color. his fin used to be more torn up but it looks like its healing some (if thats possible). when i got him i put small pebbles that i used for my last fish in the tank, but when he started shedding i cleaned his tank out and took the pebbles out. i left his tank decorless for maybe around 2-3 weeks then added what is in there now. he has still been shedding for all that time. i have been cleaning his tank at least once a week full water change except for whats in the cup i take him out with. i read up and his fins look like they may have fin/tail rot. so i will be doing 100% water change twice a week from now on. i live in NC so the weather here is cold and my parents don't like the house hot.

could cold water be making him shed skin? if there is anything else you need to know please tell me.


i attached some pictures. The side view of him and the tank where he looks really big is just the glass blowing him up.


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