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Shipping: Should I tell the Post Office Live Fish are Inside?

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I'm shipping overnight in a well packed box.

They always ask, either, "Are there any liquids or perishables in here?" or "What's in the box?"

If I say, "Two live fish" are they going to give me problems? I mean, I'm pretty sure they can't say no that my university post office, but if they do, I'll just go to the main one downtown.

My main concern is that I DON'T want them to put "live fish" on the box. I have "Extremely fragile: take care" stickers on it, however.
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No. Do NOT. It will cause more harm than good.

Fragile etc. are ok. I sometimes mark my boxes as fragile but for the most part I leave them blank.
With USPS it's 100% legal to ship live fish and liquids provided they are packed correctly. However, I do not think it's anyone's concern what's in the box. You can say anything you want really. I doubt they'll shake the box or anything. The problem with telling them there's fish in the box is that they'll put the fish near an AC or heat vent depending on weather or cause delays if the workers are not familiar with policy. Most transhippers leave their boxes blank.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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