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Cool! okay! thanks :)
omg, obsessed? xD that's okay, unless he, like, never leaves it..

Okay, thanks! :) The only thing I'm worried about, is, I'm reading reviews on Amazon and a couple people say it tore their fish's fins, and quite a few said the paint is you have this issue?
Yea, the paint does come off after awhile, but I haven't found it to cause any issues. It hasn't torn any of my guys fins, but it did tear some of Draco's (my dragonscale plakat who has a tendency for finding trouble) scales. But it was more his fault vs the log as he would wedge himself between it and the tank wall, and would try to jump it looking for food. I had to remove it because he kept injuring himself on it. But I have had it in with my VT Big Red for 2 years or so now with no problems, nor any problems with my halfmoon Shadowfax or Remi. :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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