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Hi, I watched your video, and your betta looks quite good to me. So I vote nay--don't put him down. (you should see a video of a *really* sick betta.) He can recover from fin rot, as OFL said (I'm new around here, but she's a super expert on all fishy matters), you should give his immune system time to recover; antibiotics kill good bacteria too, as well as the bad stuff. Fins take a looong time to grow back, and when they start regrowing they look white at first.

Have a look at this person's videos on YouTube (he has had problems with beating fin rot, and we have exchanged a couple of messages regarding this):

1. How to treat fin rot and prevent it:

2. Fin rot update:

As you can see, his betta has been struggling with fin rot for a while, but he's not giving up!

Good luck with your fish.
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