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Show me you betta/shrimp tanks….please

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I have set up an 8.5 gal tank for my new betta. I'm trying to decide what to put in with him. I'm thinking about different kinds of shrimp. I'd like to see what others have done to get ideas what types of shrimp would be compatible and what type of aquascaping to go with.
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Not to be Debbie Downer, but unless you have lots and lots of plants and moss and a tank at least three months-cycled, you might not have much luck with shrimp.

I would try Ghosties because they are cheap. If they do fine, then try a few Red Cherry Shrimp or other Neos or Amanos and if successful, go from there.

I'd hold off on Crystal Red Shrimp which are a lot more picky about stable parameters.

Have fun. I love my inverts (especially my Dwarf Cajun Crayfish). ;-)
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