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Shubunkins and Comets :D

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So some of you remember Comet, my comet goldfish I rescued a few months ago. I got him a 30g and aquaclears and stuff, but today I moved him into a pond. He's doing okay and he's not as jittery as he was being a tank fish. The pond is at least 75g, probably more than 100, so I want to get him a pondmate since goldfish are social. I'm getting him a Shubunkin :D, I just wanted to share :) I'm just excited because my mom said yes to it...and yes the pond is properly filtered and has been ready for fish for a while now. Subscribe or stay tuned for pics of the new Shubunkin.
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That's awesome :)
I cant wait to see pics.

I would actually keep your new shubunkin in the 30 for a bit before you put them in the pond together. It will serve as quarantine and if you are getting one from either petco or petsmart your shubunkin will need time to grow.

Good luck with your gold fishes :)
Thanks :)

Sure thing, could I put it in a 10 and when it outgrows the 10 I put it in the 30, then when it's grown I put it in the pond?
You could but I think it would be easier just to use the 30 gallon instead of going from tank to tank, then theres not so much worry about any growth hormones.

How long is your comet again?
Oh okay xD
Well, I haven't measured him but he looks about 6 1/2 w/o the tail.
:) Plus mantinence on the 30 will be a lot easier lol

I cant wait to see which shubunkin you pick. Since the goldies sold at petco and petsmart are only 1-2 inches I would wait until your shubunkin is around 4 inches at least so your comet wont out compete your new one for food. But I think you could also give it a try with them together once your new shubunkin is quartined.
I'll let him grow first xD. I hope I can get one, there's this greedy person who comes every week the day of the shipment and buys out all of the Shubunkins. I might just give up and get it from petsmart.
Got him today-he's acclimating into the 10g. The 30 isn't quote ready yet. I'll post pics later, he's gorgeous. He's black, Orange, and white.
That's so exciting :)
I do love regular orange comets/commons but I love the pattern and coloration of shubunkins. I hope all goes well in your care for him
Thank you :) he's got quite the personality, I'll post pics later.

He's very skinny and hungry and missing about 25% of his scales and looks like he has a touch of SBD. Stupid Petco. :c
Awww poor guy. Well at least that should be a relatively easy fix to get him back up to health.
Yup, he's able to eat now without spitting it out 98769876545678 times xD. He looks through the gravel at the bottom for food so the sinken pellets don't go uneaten. I can kinda see his scales growing back, and I'm water changing today.
That's good news :)
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