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Shy betta?

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So, I picked up a beautiful cambodian butterfly crowntail for my 2.5 npt. First interesting story is I had to give it a fishy Heimlich after he almost choked on a ghost shrimp. I couldn't find the body after he coughed it up, so I assume the poor thing was still alive and swam off. Or the other shrimps ate him.

Anyways, every time I put my finger up to him, he swims away from it. I turn on the light, and he hides in his plants or under his heater. When the light is off, he swims around like normal, but I've only seen him flare twice, hesitantly, at his reflection. Do you think I just got a shy betta? Do you think he'll open up as he gets used to his new home?
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First of all, how do you give a fishy Heimlich? and Yeah, he will get used to you in time. :)
Oh...that was an interesting story. :shock:

I am not a betta fish expert (I only have one, and it's my first one), but from what I've noticed with my betta, I think your betta should start being less afraid/shy after a while.

I know it's not the exact same situation, but I was thinking about how my betta fish was mad at me for two weeks (I accidentally hurt him). He wouldn't really do his "fishy dance" at me, and he'd flare at me any time I got close. He finally loosened up a bit after two weeks (less flaring), and now (maybe a couple more weeks later) we're back to the "fishy dance" stage. :-D

So, your betta fish probably just needs a little bit of time to adjust/loosen up to you and his new home! :-D

(I hope that helped!)
Well, in my case, I just poked him in the stomach and he spit the shrimp out. I'm glad, I was scared he was going to choke to death.

Anyways, good to hear he'll hopefully perk up soon, I was worried. :) Also, being an NPT, his tank is unfiltered, so he has nice calm water, so I hope that helps make him more comfortable.
I've got a very similar situation with mine. Only a day or so after getting my fish, I was afraid he was dead, so I tried to wake him up carefully... apparently not carefully enough, because I scared him enough that he darted away, running into the edge of the tank and smacking his head pretty hard. Now he freaks out any time he sees me, unless I'm doing something he finds interesting (like making food - as he's on my kitchen counter) or I'm feeding him.

This thread gives me hope that he'll calm down eventually, and will trust me again, like he did that first few days I had him, before the incident.
Ya, ya! Don't worry, LittleWatty. Just give your fishy some time. :-D
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