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I figured this wouldn't need to be in the hospital thread because my Figure 8 puffer seems fine, but ever since I adopted him, he glass surfs a lot. It's more when I come near the tank and then when I open the lid or move too fast. He dashes away in fright when I come near as well and wont eat when I am too close. But then when I sit on my bed, he watches me and swims around all normal. I also have seen him bite the fake drift wood in the tank and the shells I have in there. Is he trimming his beak? I'm worried that I might have to trim his beak someday. I give him many hard shelled food, Krill, Ramshorns, Bladder snails, Trumpet snails and Assassin snails (I break the hard shell snails for him)
I have seen many you tube videos of Figure 8 puffers be shy so I am guessing this is a normal thing? I tested the water, all are normal and he has a nice white belly. He has a 37 gallon tank with 5 BBGs. Brackish water at around 1.004 close to 1.008.

In the photo below, he's at the way bottom to the right. lol little stinker. Now I WOULD add more crushed coral into the gravel, but my water is very hard and I fear that it might make it even harder. My BBGs seem okay with the gravel so I will not be changing it out anytime soon. I would rather not stress them all out. I already done enough to the tank as it is by upgrading him from a 20 gallon long to a 37 gallon. lol Copter does seem to be enjoying the space and the many hiding places.


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