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sick betta, any ideas?

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Hi this is my first post.
My betta has been very happy in the last three months or so since i got him, swimming and eating well.
For the last four or five days he has been spending all his time on the bottom of the tank hiding between the rocks and generally looking very sorry for himself.
I cant actually see any signs of whats wrong with him, no spots etc.
The only thing i can come up with is that the last time he ate he stuffed himself, too much.
Hes the eyes bigger then his belly kind of fish lol.
I was wondering if he might be constipated or something.
Im just looking for some ideas of how i can help him, i dont like seeing him laying around like he is.
Any help would be gladly recieved.
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Ok well we need a little more info:

how big is you tank?
how often do you clean your tank?
how much do you feed your Betta?
what do you feed your betta?
any obvious signs of illness?
Is your tank cycled/ how long has it been set up?
Have you tested your water lately? If so:


If you could just answer at least some of these we could give you better insight as to what is wrong. Thanks!

Btw, sorry to hear he is feeling bad,and welcome to the forums!
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