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Sick betta emergency

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My betta has been sick for over a month now. At first it had a small lump on one side which I thought it was a tumor or but 2 weeks after, I the lump was starting on the other side. He has never been an active betta. Rarely flares his gills and when he would, it would barely even flare open.

After intensive research, I now know my betta was constipated which led to some sort of internal bacterial infection (or even swim bladder disease), pop eye, fin rot, red streaks on his gill covers, discolouring on his belly and face, and dropsy. Over the past 2 weeks his scales have been getting more and more raised which I figured was dropsy setting in. The scales over the lumps on his sides are discolouring and turning to a fleshy/clear colour.

Three weeks ago I stopped feeding completely and started the 'pea treatment'. He still has an appetite and would eat the peas and the next day he would poop them out. Two weeks ago I started doing epsom salt baths twice a day (in the morning and night) to relax the swelling but the lumps just kept growing!

I've now been using Blue Planet Aquari-Cycline for 2 days. His lumps are so big that he struggles to swim and floats completely vertical so that his mouth is closest to the top or sometimes he wedges himself between the leaves of the plant so he can breathe without having to swim up. If I look very closely, I can see he is struggling to breathe because his gills under his gill covers are barely moving as he breathes.

I don't think he has long left. I know as soon as dropsy sets in and the scales start 'pine-coning' its pretty much the end of the road but I still have hope I can save him.

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Attached are photos of how he looks now. You can see the lumps, pop eye, fin rot, discolouration on mouth/face and under the body, red streaks on gill covers, torn fins, and the 'pine coning' of his scales.


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Lymphocytis? I think the bumps are normally white though.. I'm I sure if they can also be the same color as your fish? Hopefully someone of more knowledge will be able to tell you for sure. Bump*
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