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The 'fix' meds aren't anything helpful. I would skip to stronger meds!

Can you get a top down picture for us, or describe his shape/weight? I think he may have some sort of internal parasite issue. The pallor is a very common symptom, and the tailrot may have been brought on by a weakened immune system.

To rule out stress/shock... has anything stressing or shocking happened to him lately?

Your care looks really good, the only 2 things I would suggest are upping one of those water changes to 100%, and possibly getting some higher quality food. Hikari used to be good, but has reformulated. People suggest Omega One often on here, and I personally use New Life Spectrum, it's been great for me.

Also, he doesn't need salt. You need to zero in on whatever's making him weak, heal that, then his little body can kick the rot on it's own.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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