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I have never delt with external parasites but this is what the site says about them

External Parasites
•Symptoms: You may see parasites (other than ick) or you may not. Pay special attention to the area around the gills and fins. May dart and rub against decor, lose interest in food, lethargy, color loss
•Treatment: Some parasites can be treated conservatively with Aquarium Salt. For salt treatments, treat as you would with Ick. If conservative treatment does not work or if you have extenuating circumstances then there are a number of medications you could use. API’s General Cure and Jungle’s Parasite Clear fizz tablets are both affective ways to kill parasites. Do not combine with Aq.Salt.
•Alternative Medicines: I like PP for all stubborn external infections. It has never failed me, but it should only be used as a last resort.
For the suspeced area of fin rot - is there a black outline around the infected area? If not, he may of taken a bite out of his fins. The tank you have isn't very big. If you have another betta on the other side of the divider, it may be stressing him out which can be a of tail bitting. Boredom can also cause tail bitting. A bigger tank would be better - you can add in more decorations and a heater and more swimming space which will lead to a happier fishie :-D However if that is not possible right now, I understand. I got one guy in a 2 gallon storage container till I can get a better setup for him. ( storage containers make great, cheap homes for bettas by the way).

As for him not eatting, that's almost normal - especially for a walmart betta. Since they are not cared for in the store, many have really high ammonia levels in their cups, so it may take a week or two before they feel better. I would keep an eye on him just incase something else is going on. My last walmart betta didn't eat for over 3 weeks. He finally ate something yesterday! You can try freeze dried blood worms.
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