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Sick fish please help!!

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Okay so I have had lots of different kinds of fish before but I'm not very experienced with betta and my husband bought a beautiful white betta fish with some blue spots on him almost a week ago, I also got him one of those betta buddies to have, I followed exact instructions on how to transfer him and i bought tank cleaner (his tank is 2 gallons and is pretty much just a fish bowl) and I also filled his tank with distilled water and ive been feeding him small pellets once a day, he seemed perfectly fine the first two to three days and ive been sitting next to his bowl talking to him everyday to try and get him use to me but I started noticing that all he really does is sit at the bottom of the bowl and he just lays there doing noting, the only time he actually really swims is when hes fed, I also noticed that hes turning a pinkish red color and he looks like hes been shedding his scales or something and I'm really nervous that something is wrong with him and I do not want him to die because I fell inlove with this fish when I saw him! ive only had him a week and I have already had a million heart attacks because I thought he was dead so please HELP!!!!
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Don't use distilled water as that doesn't have any minerals for the fish to use in order to live. Just use tap water if you know what your water conditions are like PH, hardness, and ect. but most bettas will adjust being that they are a very hardy fish. Also consider getting a bigger tank for the little guy. As im sure you wouldn't want to be put into a container that small for all your life. Hope this helps!
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Many thanks to BF/TFK Member Mike for developing this questionnaire. It is the same form with a few additions.

Please fill out this form when seeking help for your Betta. This information and a clear photo posted directly into the thread will help us give you the most accurate advice possible. Without the information and photos the best we can do is guess.

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What temperature is your tank?
Does your tank have an air stone or other type of aeration?
Does your Betta have tank mates? What kind?

What food brand do you use?
Do you feed flakes or pellets?
How often do you feed your Betta? How much?

Before your Betta became ill how often did you perform a water change?
What percentage of water did you change?
Do you vacuum the substrate or just dip out water?
What additives do you use?

Water Parameters:
What are your water parameters? Please give exact numbers. If tested by pet store please get exact numbers. "Fine" or "Safe" won't help us help you.

Hardness (GH):
Alkalinity (KH):

Symptoms and Treatment:
When did you first notice the symptoms?
How has your Betta’s appearance changed?
How has your Betta’s behavior changed?
Is your Betta still eating?
Have you started treating your Betta? If so, how?
Does your Betta have any history of being ill?
How long have you owned your Betta? Was he or she a rescue?


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PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING: Fill out this form so we can best help your Betta
thank you so much!!! :)
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