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Sick very lethargic betta

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Hi everyone,

I have a blue betta for over a year now and he has fallen sick.
I diagnosed him a week and a half ago concluding that he had Ich. I have been using sea water salt and an anti-parasite ever since but I am afraid that maybe he has something else because he hasn't gotten much better since I started the treatment.
(I am also doing +-80% water changes every other day, and today I could do a full water change)
(By the way, he has improved a little bit, but just a little. In the beginning of last week, I could hardly make him eat and now he responds in a little better way, I explain it below)

So, I would like your help to confirm if maybe he has something else or if it is indeed normal for it to take this long.

His behavior:
1- He lays the whole day on the bottom of the tank as if he is sleeping and occasionally he wakes up to go take some air.
2- He doesn't come when I call him to play or eat.
3- I am having a hard time feeding him because he is only willing to eat when he comes from the bottom to take some air, I have to be quick and incite him to eat while he is near the surface.. I can notice that he wants to eat but I can also see that he has a hard time seeing the food and getting it.
4- He has a hard time swimming, when he comes to the surface, it looks as though he is falling and he has to constantly make an effort to stay there.

His appearance:
1- I think that he has lost some vibrance and he looks a bit pale.
2- He has a couple of white spots near his fins

I am really hoping that he will get better and I would appreciate a lot any help.

I am attaching a couple of photos to show you how he looks.

Thanks in advance.

PS: In the photos he is in a very small tank, but I normally keep him in a 6g tank, he was there only because I was making a full water change and I thought that it would be easier to take a photo when he was there.


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Better photo of white spots

I could just take a better photo showing the white spots.


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I could also post a video on youtube

here is the link:
First, DO NOT use sea salt, that is not meant for bettas, use aquarium slat, do a 100% water change and clean all the decor, might as well use bleach to kill off any parasties just in case. Hope i helped! and a uv sanitizer will kill many parasites un ur tank including ich.

second, I LOVE LOVE LOVE ur gravel, where did u get it?
Lower the water level since he is having a hard time swimming. I wouldn't worry about the white spots, they don't seem to be rather plentiful. Right now I'd transition him onto plain water for a day, then onto epsom salt, not aquarium salt or sea salt. You want plain epsom salt like you can get from the pharmacy (magnesium sulfate). Start him on 2 tsp/gal of epsom salt. I'd suggest you pre-mix it, alot of people use milk jugs.

I had a fish who had trouble like that, a week or so in epsom salt and he was able to sleep again.

When he is able to swim easier, he will likely be able to eat better. Also the lower water level might help with the eating.
where do u get espom salt and is it safe to use in a community tank? my hospital tank is cracked
i just noticed his eye looks largein comparison to his head, which may indicate stunting @haecifer
@Pogthefish I used aquarium sea salt from "Red Sea".
Thanks for the tips, I really might use the uv sanitizer.
On another note, I did a full water change today and I made sure that I cleaned everything really well.

Well, about the gravel, I am sorry but I won't be able to tell you where you could buy it. It was from my house's first fish tank from when I was 5, my mom bought it with the tank. She once told me that it was natural gravel.

Ok, I will check on stunting

Thank you very much for the tips! I will surely check on that
i still think u should try aquarium freshwater salt, aquarium pharmeseuticals (api) makes it really good
You get epsom salt at a pharmacy or pharmacy department. Internal issues (with the unable to swim, I'd assume). Make sure it is unscented, dye free.

And NEVER mix aquarium salt and epsom salt.
Ok, I will buy epsom salt and make another full water change tomorrow to apply it.
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