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*sigh* Why do I visit Aquabid again?

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Finding this guy so hard to resist....just found him on Aquabid. >.<

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Wow! He has zebra stripes!
I visit Aquabid all the time just to look at the photos. I know I can't buy any :( I just don't have the room or resources for more than one fish right now. But man, I love to look at the gorgeous fish!
I love to look at them too...but it's also not good. Each time I find a fish I'd absolutely love to have, it gets harder and harder to resist purchasing one. The only thing holding me back this time of year is the weather, as it's been so cold. lol

There are so many beautiful fish on there. However, if I see one like Ruger, there is no way I'll be able to resist getting one. I've wanted a half-moon copper for years, and having had him only 2 days before he passed away made me extremely sad. I always have a couple spare tanks around, and even though I don't /need/ another betta, if I come across one like him again, he'll be coming home.:roll:
That betta is absolutely stunning. I'd like to have one like that some day.
Glad I'm too paranoid to have a fish shipped far :-D Makes it easy to just look, haha
i love these HMPK girls that i saw today am now like "why did i even bother checking??" XD i know how you feel
I had such a bad experience. That's the only thing keeping me from buying on AB. But I look every day.
Be strong!!!
Honestly, I have to resist everyday.
I still have a "free fish" from a DOA but haven't persuaded myself from spending that much money on a new import.
I try to stick to Martinsmommy fish... would buy all her stock if I had the space LOL!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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