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My betta Gibbs recently went through a bout of fin rot and I want to know if these semi-translucent spots on the edge of his fins are a sign of them healing, or evil bacteria eating holes :I

My camera isn't good enough to capture a super hyper betta and this level of detail... So I drew it. Don't laugh |D I can do better I swear but this is just to show you what the spots look like and how uniform they are.

They're similar (or are) to the pattern you see on the edges of healthy fish fins. You can't see it very well here, but maybe you get the idea:

-Spots are not fuzzy
-Edges do not look ragged
-Edge of fin is slightly darker from the fin rot
-Spots are semi-translucent and colorless

So is this healing or some secondary infection? What would those spots be called anyways?
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