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I still remember when I first saw you, you were a sad pale yellow and pink color. But I grew attached, I remember my mom kept trying to get me to choose a prettier one. She attend along for the ride and thought that it wouldn't be worth using my money on you. But nonetheless I brought you up to the front and got you. You are a spunky little fish, even though you were labeled as a koi you're coloring didn't agree. I didn't care though. I got you right before my first beta passed, not going to lie I kind of neglected you for a while. But every day I would come up to my room and I would see you right up at the front of the glass. You got me through some hard times. As you got older your color faded, and as there wasn't much to begin with you became very pale. When you got dropsy I was heartbroken. I slept right next to your tank even though that wouldn't help, you made me feel better. I kept trying to tell you to pull through but eventually I realized I only wanted you to come out the other end for me. You have been the most obedient active and in your own way the most beautiful fish I've ever owned. Eventually I decided that keeping you in that tank suffering wouldn't be worth it. I decided to euthanize you but as I was just coming upstairs to do so, I walked up to the tank and I didn't see your gills moving. I fished on the water and put you into a hospital tank. You didn't move or squirm or try and get away from the net. I put a little bit of clove oil in with you just in case. I feel like that was your little way of saying"if I'm gonna go out I'm gonna go out on my terms"

I'm sorry I couldn't fix you this time
I promise I did try
Swim amongst the stars where you belong my sweet little mango
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