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This is the worst death out of ALL of my bettas. This death shaken me..ALOT.
Long story short.
I got him from my mothers friend and was very amazed with his pretty colors. Even though I only had him for a few weeks, I really enjoyed staring at you swimming up for air, your long flowing tail is simply amazing. As my first veiltail, I grew very attached to him. He's peace loving and doesn't like to fight. But on the day of you're death, I grew so afraid after I see you with youre nose pointing upwards and not moving at all.(he wasnt flat on the surfaceas his tail was heavy) When I scopped you up and placed you on the tissue, I saw blood. I got so shakened as I was pretty afraid of blood. (my fingers is getting numb just cuz i keep remembering what happened) When i looked closely at the tank, I saw alot of tail bits and the water was more tainted when i first got him. I wont be asking for how he died, he died because of blood lost. ( He was healthy yesterday. he suddenly startedbleeding) SIP Tristen. At least youre not having a short tail now.
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