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My betta fry are 2 weeks old as of today(22.07.2022). My male kept eating fry every time so this time I removed him as soon as fry hatched and put lots of floating plants to help them.There were too many to count maybe 200+ and all were free swimming.
For first 2 to 3 days I fed them infusoria after that I ran out of infusoria and started live baby brine shrimp but after few days they kept disappearing and now only a few are left maybe 5 to 10.I noticed that dead BBS are pilling up on the naked floor.
I feed them BBS but they dont eat them and I also put powderd flakes but some are still not eating .
Its a 20 liter container filled upto 4 inches and temperature is kept constant 30° C and and air stone for oxygen and floating plants for some infusoria. An LED light to keep the plants alive.

I've been changing 50% water everyday for last 5 days using airstone.
I would really like to know what I've been doing wrong.
1. Is the container too big?
2. Should they be kept without LED light?
3. Is the temperature wrong?
4. Am I changing the water too often?
5. Can BBS may harm them in any way?
6. Should I put sponge filter instead of an air stone??
Thanks for your replies in Advance

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How many gallons is your tank?
Does it have a filter?
Does it have a heater?
What temperature is your tank?
Does your tank have an air stone or other type of aeration?
Does your Betta have tank mates? What kind?

What food brand do you use?
Do you feed flakes or pellets?
How often do you feed your Betta? How much?

your Betta became ill how often did you perform a water change?
What percentage of water did you change?
What is the source of your water?
Do you vacuum the substrate or just dip out water?
What additives do you use other than conditioner? What brand of conditioner?

Water Parameters:
What are your water parameters? Please give exact numbers. If tested by pet store please get exact numbers. "Fine" or "Safe" won't help us help you. Important: Test your water before the regular water change; not after one.

Hardness (GH):
Alkalinity (KH):

Symptoms and Treatment:
When did you first notice the symptoms?
How has your Betta’s appearance changed?
How has your Betta’s behavior changed?
Is your Betta still eating?
Have you started treating your Betta? If so, how?
Does your Betta have any history of being ill?
How long have you owned your Betta?
Was he or she ill or suffering some sort of damage when purchased?

Please fill out. (Copy and paste)

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Your information is vague. We need more details.

30°C is too high. Try to keep temp around 28°C.

4" water in a 20ltr container isn't much water. What shape is the container? If it's a regular tank, you could fill it up. If it's a tall container,
fill to half.

You are using air pump - at what level . . . I mean are you using it in full thrust or just a bubble per second. . . . . Fry prefer stagnant water. Too much inertia will exhaust fry.

You need to feed newly hatched BBS. Even these may be too big for 2-3 day old fry. Infusoria IMO is the best fry food, it doesn't have side effects and can over feed fry.
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