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I have 10 gallon tank and I have 1 male betta, 1 female betta, 6 ghost shrimps and 4 guppies. Am I overstocking the tank? Can I put cherry shrimps with the betta? Where can I get big plants for the tank ( I dont like to wait :) ) ?

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Um, you can't have male and female bettas together. I would divide the tank and have the male on one side and the female on the other.

Edit: also, guppies aren't really recommended with bettas. For the plants, you can get them at petco/petsmart. Make sure you have an appropriate light for the tank for the plants to survive! :)

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Male bettas are territorial, and they will fight. Or they will breed, either of which you are not prepared for, and your fry will die.

Or you could return the male and guppies, and buy about 5 more female bettas and start a sorority.

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I think I will divide the tank or I will put the female alone. He is getting well with the guppies I only see him chase the female. What about the cherry shrimps?

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Cherry shrimp are compatible with bettas. You are however, with your current setup, at 103% stocking level, without a filter.

Use for general stocking ideas. :)

Edit: for the guppies I would try and setup a new tank. They like to breed. :)

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Betta splendens are naturally aggressive. While most bettas found in stores and owned by fish keepers, are domesticated types. They still contain many traits that there wild cousins Have Such as aggression. Betta splendens are highly aggressive fish that are territorial and never should be housed together unless in breeding circumstances, or unless it is a female Betta sorority. A common misconception is that female bettas and males can be safely housed together permanatly. You won't believe how many times I've seen threads with. "new member here with issues!" and the information in the thread is regarding a lethargic male or female Betta that have been housed together. One of which has very ripped fins.

Some things to follow when considering placing male or female bettas in the same aquarium with complete access to eachother with no divider, and not in a breeding situation.

Disclaimer --- some or all of these combinations do not apply for grow out tanks, and breeding situations. Also. Everybody have a different fish, each witha different personality, not all bettas do not survive together. But as a guideline they shouldn't be housed together

Male x male combinations do not work out well unless the tank is heavily planted and 100+ gallons so each one has it's own territory. Aggression should also be constantly monitored.

Male x Female combinations shouldn't be attempted unless in a breeding situation. Naturally after breeding and when it's not occuring. A male Betta splendens will chase the female away, if she doesn't get out of his territory. He will severely hurt her or kill her. From the constant sight if another Betta. Both will be stressed

Female x female combinations can only work under certain circumstances. Only with 4+ females and a heavily planted tank upwards of 10 gallons should this be attempted. 2-3 bettas won't work as either 2 might pair up and kill the least dominant one or one will kill or constantly bother/stress the other

I just decided to make a little sheet that had, commonly sold, easy to care for and cheap compatible fish for bettas
if anyone has any corrections on this, please comment and ill edit it

Some Betta fish will NOT tolerate tank mates and will go on a killing frenzy when introduced to other fish, so if you do decide to keep your Betta with other fish. Make sure that you have a backup plan incase It doesn't work. And make sure that you add the Betta last, because this will prevent some aggresion. If you add it first then the Betta will claim its territory and then when you introduce the new fish the Betta will think that the new fish are in his territory and kill the fish

generally compatible fish for bettas

----Name of fish-------minimum tank size------minimum group number
Ember tetras--------10 gallons----------six
Habrosus cories--------10 gallons----------six
hastatus cories------10 gallons-------------six
Von-rio tetras-------------15 gallons---------ideally 7 or more
Pristilla tetras------------10 gallons-----------six
Head and light tetras----10-------------------six
Cherry barbs----------15 gallons----------------six
Neon tetras-------------10 gallons------------ Six
Neons tetras can be a bit nippy when kept in small numbers so you would need atleast 6 to house them properly with a Betta
galaxy rasboras------------10 gallons-----------Six
panda and pygmy cories------10 gallons-----------Six
most other cories-----------15-20 gallons -----Six
harlequin rasbora -----------10 gallons---------Six
non fancy female guppies------10 gallons ------- Three
endlers livebearers------------10gallons---------Three
zebra danios-----------------3.5 foot tank-------Six
Bristle nose plecos------------2.5 foot tank-------One
Bushy nose plecos-------------2.5 foot tank------One
non colorful platies------------10 gallons---------Three
glo fish----------------------3.5 foot tank--------Six
rummy nose tetras------------15 gallons-----------Six
glo light tetras----------------10 gallons----------Six
cardinal tetras----------------15 gallons----------Six
X ray tetras-------------------10 gallons----------Six
"feeder guppies"---------------10 gallons-----------Three
Khuli loaches------------------2 foot tank--------Six
Scissor tail rasboras-------------10 gallons----------Six
Otos---------------------------10 gallons---------3 - 4
Bloodfin tetras-------------------15 gallons-------- Six
Rasbora Brigittae-----------------5 gallons----------Six
Black neon tetras------------------15 gallons-------six
Yoyo loaches

Shrimp that are compatible with bettas

Ghost shrimp---------------------2.5 gallons --------one
Amano shrimp-------------------2.5 gallons----------one
Cherry shrimp-------------------2.5 gallons---------one
and a little note about shrimp, they are a hit and miss, some bettas are fine with shrimp and some aren't but all of my bettas have been fine with shrimp that are over 1 inch. I would suggest that a well planted tank with lots of cover should be used when having small ghost shrimp or cherry shrimp

Snails that are compatible with bettas

Apple snails------------------10 gallons-----------one
Ramshorn snails------------5 gallons---------one
Malaysian trumpet snails---2.5 gallons--------one
Pond snails--------------------2.5 gallons---------one
Nerite snails------------------5 gallons----------one
Snails are a hit and miss too with bettas some will tolerate them but some will chop their feelers off

sometimes compatible fish with bettas

---Name of fish------------Minimum tank size------minimum group number

male, and female Fancy guppies----------10 gallons-----------three
Sparkling gouramis------------------------10 gallons----------one
bright and colorful platies----------------10 gallons-----------three
Black widow tetras----------------------20 gallons------------Eight to not be as nippy
sword tails----------------------------2 ft. Tank------------Three
Mollies-------------------------------25 gallons ----------3
Lyre tail guppies-----------------------10 gallons-------------Three

Fish that are rarely compatible with bettas

Including information regarding minimum group and tank size for this part of the list would most likely encourage people to further on and try the compatibilities which I wouldn't recommend.

Serpae tetras
other bettas
SA cichlids
NW cichlids
Dwarf gouramis
Tiger barbs
Honey gouramis
Angel fish
Honey gouramis
Boesemani rainbows
Red tailed sharks
Any type of crayfish with claws over half an inch

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If your going to do a 10 gal with just a male betta, you can do a school of about 6-7 neon tetra. You can also do some of the smaller species of corydora catfish. Let me link you, hold on one moment.
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