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I am incredibly new to the betta fish community, but I have learned a lot in this short amount of time, I have a basic understanding of the nitrogen cycle, tank standards, plants, tank cleaning, diseases and infections etc.
I bought my betta and I noticed it has always had a small bump on both sides near the tail, and I didn't think anything of it but I would really like some clarification just in case it is something more serious. I am already treating my betta for fin rot, so I might as well make sure he is okay, and if not, medicate him for other possible illness.
He seems okay in nature. Always swimming and usually eats his food right away. I do not see any stress stripes or any white spots. He seems happy. He also doesn't seem constipated, as he looks the same before I bought him and started feeding him myself, but I am just not sure because I've never seen a constipated fish- as this is my first time owning a fish.
Right now I have him in a 1.5 (getting a 10 gallon this Saturday for him) tank with a heater and a low current filter, and I do regular fish tank cleanings.
Is this anything to worry about, or am I just overreacting?
Thank you so much!
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