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Snails for sale!!

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Hi betta lovers I am currently breeding some snails and I wanted to see the response on this forum. I am sellin ramshorn, pond, and trompet snails. I am trying to breed red cherry and cheistal shrim if anyone is interested. Please coment so I can get an idea of people interested...thank you in advance :)
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How many trumpets do you have? How much will 100 be?
How many trumpets do you have? How much will 100 be?
100 I can do it for like $0.60 per snail
60 x 100 equals 6,000 which means 60.00 so sixty dollars?
Hmm. Ill have to pass on this one, just a bit too expensive for me. Sorry
I might be interested. How much for shipping?
Trumpets are Malaysian Trumpet snails correct? And I'm also interested in some RCS. How much for say 10 Trumpets and 10 RCS?
No means to disrespect, I was interested until I saw the price. Heads up, even though 60 cents doesn't seem like a lot, for a snail it is, plus shipping.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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