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Mystery snails are a lot of fun! They have personalities in a way you'd never expect from a snail, plus they move FAST. I can turn around for a moment and find my snail in a completely different part of the tank.

My nerite was much less interesting to watch (unless he was eating against the side of the tank -- watching his mouth was awesome), and pooped more than the mystery snail and my fish added together (yes, I could tell which was his, his poop was a different color). As others have said, they can be very picky eaters, and some will refuse to eat algae wafers and starve if there is not enough algae in the tank.

The aggression of bettas can be hard to judge because aggression against each other, or even other fish, does not ALWAYS translate to aggression against non-fish. My betta goes berserk if he sees his reflection, and seems to be a fairly high-strung fish in general, but he doesn't seem to care at all about the snails. Every couple of days, he'd look at one with an expression of "What the HECK is that???", then he'd kinda shrug and swim off, apparently having decided it was neither a threat nor food. This was true even when my mystery snail was waving his big long antennae right by the fish!

All that said, these things cannot be predicted very well, so if you do add snails, you will need to watch them very carefully to make sure the fish aren't nipping at them, or trying to kill them outright.
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