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nerites tend to do best with bettas because they have short antennae and stay mostly within the shell opening unlike Mystery snails with super long antennae and massive foot reach. I have one of each and I do grow algae for the nerite when the tank is looking too clean. But I have a half dozen different critters in my tank and the only one who doesn't have a cleaning function is the betta.

Some bettas and other fish will attack the snails and nip at the mystery snail parts that stick out. Assassin snails eat the tiny ones like ramshorns and bladder snails as do some other fish, but so far my betta has left them alone.

Nerites have low bioloads and can be kept in smaller tanks easier than mystery snails. Nerites are usually named by the shell pattern, but they are all the same.

All those above clean the tank. Pagoda snails are the only other snail I know anything about, but they will eat live plants and they have spikes on the shell so if you have a betta who pokes new things you may have an issue.
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