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I haven't had Mystery or Apple Snails for years; however, many of the snail sites where I lurk recommend nothing smaller than a 10 because of their bioload and size. Some Apple Snails can reach 4".

Nerites, in my experience, are very picky eaters so if you can't provide them with natural algae they probably aren't for you (not you personally :) ). Mine skirt right over algae wafers.

Assassin Snails are pretty easy keepers. I have them, too. They zap all hitchhiking snails. For that reason, I keep my pink Ramshorns in an Assassin Snail-less aquarium. My Assassins eat any and everything. I've seen them on algae wafers, too. I use planting tongs to drop frozen bloodworms in their path when I feed the other tank residents now that I no longer have any bladder or pond snails. They also devour dead shrimp. They do reproduce but not a lot.

Ramshorns are, IMO, beautiful. I keep pink ones. They're pretty prolific but if you're not squeamish, you put the extras in a tank with the Assassins or give them to a pet store as feeder snails.

I keep a small piece of cuttlebone as a calcium source in my tanks. Parameters are dkh of 10; TDS is around 200 and pH is 8.0. I understand these are good parameters and mine are all healthy.
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