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So, I got told no

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So I wanted to get a couple more tanks so that I could breed one pair of bettas, one spawn at a time. And the hubby told me no. Just no, not we'll talk about it later, maybe later, we will see. Just no. This was hard for me to stomach, I NEVER get told no about something that I want. Now I am pouting. :-?

I guess this is how a spoiled child feels the first time they are told no?
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Well I think I may be joining your club. Lol .. I have three females and three boys with a gourami also.. well I just love looking at the pet store at bettas and today I bought ANOTHER one. I can't help it but soon I think my fiance will tell me enough is enough lol
we're getting ready to start a Sorority and we have only 4 of our 6 girls in-house, so we're actually looking to acquire 2 more. there's been something of a run on females and all the local stores had sold out last week. when we found a new shipment I got all excited, but the husband said he didn't like any of them enough. pout. I loved the tourquoise Cambodian, the solid yellow, and the yellow with red fins just fine but nooooo. I really want a yellow ad a green to fill out the sorority but he doesn't like the light ones. lol. it's okay, tho since I have a few weeks left on my fish less cycle and 2 one gallon bowls and one 2.5 gallon tank is enough twice-weekly water chafes for me.
my babe surprised me today. he came home and had two for me. and wild colored and purple female (bringing my sorority to 5 ) and a crowntail male.. hes beautiful .. just pets, no show
maybe give him time? Ask again in a couple of weeks. They eventually come around! lol Good luck!
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