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If your planning to remove the male before the eggs hatched you might wanna do an artificial hatching, if your just going to remove the male without doing so, your eggs might not hatched because the reason why your male should be there is to clean the eggs every so often cause it will get attacked by mold.

First 2 days for me was hard cuase my first spawn died and all the fry dissolved. 2nd tme was ok, i have left my male for about7 to 10 days i believed, alot of fry and eggs have been eaten mainly because the eggs were unfertilized and the fry must have been too weak to survive. If your eggs didn't hatched in about 3 days then you might want to recondition and try it again.

For the first 3-7 days, if you have infusoria they can live with it if not, for the first 2-3 days they should live off by eating their egg sac. Vinegar eels and micro worms are a good starting live fry food, bbs i would wait till they're mouth is big enough to actually fit it in their mouth. You shold also consider that feeding microworms may cause defects such as missing ventrals. On the other hand, bbs may result in SBD and bloatedness.

Snails works well in the fry tank, they won't bother with your fry but they would eat the dead ones and uneaten food. They also promote the growth of infusoria in the tank.

I hope i answered all your questions.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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