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Somebody put white stuff in my bubble nest nest

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Oh wait those are eggs lol

so i decided to try my most promising pair again and after 12 failed tries with different pairs, my pair embraced and filled the nest with eggs. the nest is about 8in X 3in and all i see is a few hundred little white dots sitting beneath the bubbles

now iv had problems with this male eating the eggs in the nest before and was advised to remove him after touching up the nest.. so i figured id give it a try

so now i have a bubblenest full of eggs and honestly not sure what to expect.. that is where all yoou wonderful betta breeders come into play, can you help me with some questions i have?

-what are some problems i may have before and after the eggs hatch?
-what if they dont hatch?
-i have bbs, krill, decaps, micro worms and vinegar eels, whats the best to start them off on?
-i have snails in the tank, will they affect it in any way?

basically iv done a ton of research and know what "should" happen... but we all know that what should happen and what does are rarely the same thing so i want to compare my book knowledge of eggs and fry, to the wisdom and experience everyone else has.. any advice or tips will be appreciated <3

thank you and wish me luck on my eggs/ possible fry
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that helped a lot actually,

besides using maroxy, i believe thats how you spell it,
what are other ways to prevent mold?
thanks ofl, that helps a lot, its been exactly 24 hours now so im hoping to see some fry hanging from the nest soon... i hope ><
i still see the eggs in the nest and only one fell out so i still have hopes..

thanks for the help, my next spawns will be a lot easier thanks to your advice
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