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First, the sorority.

The biggest girl is Hera. She's the queen of the tank :roll::roll: The black girl with translucent fins with black edging is Lacy. The marble crowntail with a darker tail is Aurora. The little veiltail with a bent back is Baby (she was a Petco baby betta :-(). The other four girls, the marble veiltail, the stripey crown, Aurora's sister, and the runty blue and red veiltail (who I think hid the whole time) do not yet have names. The marble veiltail gets picked on but her fins are growing back. She doesn't seem overly bothered.

I got Hera from Walmart, she was the first betta I picked up since keeping fish again, and I've had her for about 3-4 months.


I guess he's camera shy :roll: The ghost shrimp, however, is not. Amber wasn't even swimming around so I don't know why he was so determined to get over there.


He's pretty placid, doesn't flare, and lazes around most of the time. He doesn't cruz the tank much, and likes to sleep in the mug. Zero finally came up front so I got a good shot of him. The assassin snail shell was the snail in with Poseidon when he passed away, so I know it was totally my fault and not just stress :-( The other assassin is alive, but usually dormant, it changes places but I don't see it moving much.

I don't have a vid of Ares, as he passed two days after Poseidon x_x He had been breathing heavily for weeks and I thought a few times I'd lose him. He showed no other signs of illness, ate and swim like normal, the tank was clean. He just started resting and not interested in food, I cupped him in fresh water, but he was extremely pale and started laying on his side. Ugh. I miss them both.

Everyone else does keep me happy though and I am being more cautious.
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