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I have just started my first sorority tank and after a lot of research, I am realizing I still did a million things wrong.

So one thing I didn't think of was how to separate an injured girl. She is a sweetheart and was picked on by a few of the others to the point that a piece of her tail is injured. I decided to put her in the breeder box to recover, but I am wondering if this is the wrong way to approach. I can not pinpoint just one aggressor and I wanted to give her some time to get strength back and relearn her balance as her tail grows back in.

I am now thinking that removing her from the sorority may make her a target when reintroduced and am concerned. Was I wrong to remove her from the rest of the girls for a few days? Should I keep her in there until she has significant regrowth of her fin? I'm just not sure what to do.

I planned for the complete removal of girls if it failed, just not the in-between where they get along and only show periods of aggression that result in injuries (dumb of me I know, because that's all the first introductory weeks are before the hierarchy is established). She is the only one with significant tail damage and wasn't swimming properly so I didn't want her to get picked on even more.

30gal Long AIO Innovative Marines planted (needs to mature) and cycled tank, proper levels, 4 day water changes, daily 1-2 hour pruning, 538 GPH(if i want to run it high) pump return, 2 Innovative caddy baskets with media, IM UV skimmer, sponge filter, co2 injection, like the freaking works on everything. I just need help on how to successfully move forward. Also as mentioned another tank is possible just for her but would love to keep the girls together. They were quarantined in a 30 gal tub but in pens with rotation and roaming. Introduced to the tank at the same time, came from the same breeder, same age, similar sizes, all galaxy koi betta. Minor aggression between them as they set up who is in charge as they get older and settled in the tank.

Just looking for advice on how to move forward and make the best little home for my girls.

6-Female Bettas (just lost one to early tank mistakes that have since been corrected)
7- Mix of Black Harlequin Rasbporas & Harlequin Rasbporas
3- Corys (lost 3) buying more to add this weekend
3- Vampire Shrimp (1 male, 2 females)
5- Gold Horned Nitrite Snails
Plant Green Water Organism Terrestrial plant
Water Rectangle Pet supply Fish supply Plant
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