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Spawn Log: Kanki X Pandora

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After much deliberation and mulling in the crevices of my mind I have bit the bullet and decided to create an account to this wonderful forum I have been stalking for QUITE some time. I have read, re-read and sometimes even again the posts of the forum members here absorbing advice and opinion amidst a varying amount of topics. I am certainly no expert at the fine workings of betta splendens but consider myself an avid fan who's curiosity of the conformation and genetics of this species to be of a high caliber. This mostly comes from my obsession of the dog show world in where I recently retired my Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Annabelle from the ring (Mom says no puppies while in college so there goes her championship.) With me not rushing to a show several hours from my house each weekend I have slowed to a sputtering stop and decided to poke my toes into the deeper waters of the betta hobby, this including breeding. I have read every page of Bettatalk, Bettysplendens, Betta Terrority and the IBC with a unquenchable thirst for knowledge before attempting this spawn (also this forum and a few others.) Anyhow, to the main point:

I have researched well ahead before attempting this spawn, including procuring good-quality stock, tanks for spawning and growing out, jars, food for every stage of the way (Live, frozen, freeze-dried or pellet, I also wanted to note if anyone has had success with betta fry accepting golden pearls when old enough to start switching to dry feed.), IAL, an R/O unit and UV sterilizer because I don't trust my tap water with a Ph of 7.6 and a hardness that is over what the test strips can read.
Okay, now that all the greetings are in order, time for what you have been waiting for! Pictures of the proud poppa (Kanki) and the mother (Pandora)

Kanki (by Fantasybettas)

Pandora (by Patsayawan)

I waited until they spawned to post this thread, Kanki has already reorganized the nest three times in the short period he has had custody of the children. I attempted to take a picture of the little man with his nest but he was quite successful in fending off my camera by plastering himself in front of every picture as a blurry mess of fins. Ill attempt to take photos of him later hopefully when he is calmer.

Prior to spawning the pair I have been conditioning them both, Kanki had made a considerable bubble nest even without Pandora in sight and with a short visit everyday Pandora was almost about to explode with eggs. Now there is quite a large clump of eggs that Kanki has been tending, which I might add I haven't seen a single egg fall from the nest yet but he is convinced there is always one on the bottom.

With fingers crossed I hope for a great spawn!
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So you bought that male? WISE CHOICE! I was going to get him but let him slide. He is EXTREMELY nice. I'll be following this thread :D
Very pretty!
Just hearing that you researched before breeding this wonderful pair makes my have hope others will take the advice and do so as well. You are very responsible and obviously know what you're doing when it comes to live animals.

I'm happy yu didn't just dive into it and ask questions after like we've been seeing on this forum often.

I must say, that pair is amazing. The females fins could use work, but the males fins will help balance it out some. Also you'll probably have very long finned fry. Some with long anals and some with longer dorsals than usual. Just an observation.

Overall the pair is very nice and you will have promising fry with great potential!

Nice! Can't wait to see how they turn out!!

I have been following the Aquabid thread for quite some time and I saw you had given the thumbs up for this male Mr. V . I chose Pandora for her caudal spread, it is from what I can see is very nicely D shaped and her branching seems to be very good, your right about the anal fin Bettalover and I will be stringent in making sure those with poorly balanced finnage/form will be going strictly to pet homes or will be culled. Kanki has been a excellent father and flares at me every time I enter my bedroom for whatever reason. He is very diligent about organizing the eggs and keeping them in a tight clump, I don't know if I should but I was thinking of keeping him with the fry for about a week before pulling him out of the spawning tank.
I just received my golden pearl dry feed from Brine Shrimp Direct, I purchased the 300-500 micron size and it is very tiny. I was going to throw some of this in with the baby brine shrimp/microworms to see if they even eat it.
Anyhow, until the macro lens for the camera is fixed I am forced to use my Iphone so they aren't the greatest of pictures but I managed to get one of Kanki and the bubble nest and one of Wicca who is in my sorority and I have been having the idle thought of maybe conditioning her for a spawn later down the road. (Tank wise I have about 7 10 gallons sitting waiting for use and 3 20 gallons with no purpose)
Kanki (water is yellow from the IAL so makes it weird to shoot in)

Wicca (The big, green girl in the middle)

Hoping they become tail down soon!
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You have started with a wonderful pair. I love your male, and the female does have an excellent caudle spread. I can't wait to see what these two will produce. Best of luck.
WOAH, look at those fins...those markings...those colours...DROOL MOMENT!!!
I'm setting to follow this thread. You've done a great job on here and I hope when I attempt breeding soon, I will be able to do it as well as you have. By chance, what kind of set up do you have for your fish? Do you have a room like Dom or a sectioned off area? I'd love to see some picture if possible.
Thanks all for the support!

(I noticed the photos from my last post were small..I'm still trying to figure out how large they should be for a post :lol:)
I came home today and went to check Kanki and how he was faring, I found him looking rather bored underneath the nest and noticed I didn't see the "clump" I had been getting used to seeing. I, of course, start panicking and look under the bubble nest hoping to spot the clump that I may have missed; Kanki had taken ALL of the eggs and made a very, very thin layer across the entire bubble nest. After noticing this he promptly went over, sucked some eggs up into his mouth, gargled and spat them back out into a thin layer again. Clever boy.

Yaoilover, I currently do not have a "specific" area for my fish yet. I keep my 60 gallon planted tank, my 15 gallon sorority and my spawning tank inside of my bedroom (Also all of my jarred bettas are on a shelf above the 60 gallon.) I also made more shelves capable of holding a good amount of jars for the fry next to the 60 gallon, I am not quite sure where I am wanting to setup the rest of my tanks, I have a place to put one of my twenty gallons but because it stays hot for the majority of the time here in Florida (my house stays at 77-80 F) and outside the temperature is around 90 degrees not including humidity. So I have wondering if I should setup most of my tanks inside of our large shed, I'm going to have to use A/C to keep it cool enough for the summer though! What a twist huh ;-)? If not, I will be getting or building a rack with shop lights to hold the tanks and that will be indoors right outside my room.

I have a test run of brine shrimp going on right now to see if I have done the hatching correctly, the first few days I am going to allow the fry to subsist off of microworms and infusoria that is from the giant clump of Christmas moss I have in the spawn tank.

Okay, pictures of my current setup in my bedroom. Ill post pictures later of when im done arranging the twenty gallon and hopefully figure out what im going to do with the all the other tanks!
(The spawning tank and sorority, I might move the spawning tank to another location after the fry are old enough to move to the twenty so I can fit another twenty here in my room!)

(My 60 gallon and currently jarred bettas. Its amazing they all managed to hide except for Pandora who is a very active female. CONSTANTLY swimming everywhere, hence the name. If I have to I can use my 60 gallon for a grow out as well. I haven't introduced any new stock in the 60 gallon for half a year and I have already weeded out any fin nippers. )

(Where I will be placing some of the future jars when the time comes, these arent the containers I will be using. I have 1/2 gallon kerr canning jars for that purpose. Also I will be picking up some of those walmart one gallon jars I've been hearing about.)
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Going to follow this thread! Very handsome male, I really love the pattern on his anal fin! Pandora is a beauty as well!

It's nice to see a new breeder know what they're doing instead of a lot of others who don't look before they leap. I wish you the best of luck, good sir/madam!
Your stock is beautiful. I can't wait to see how your spawn turns out. I will be following this thread. =)
I have to say that I wish I was as prepared as you are now when I started breeding. I, sadly, didn't really have much of any responsibility and was very ignorant when attempting to breed and raise awhile spawn by myself.

It's a lot of work and takes a bit more than putting two fish together and getting fry, but you're ready for this.
I hope I am ready for this!

Guess what I woke up to this morning? A hairy nest! I was actually beginning to worry a little bit that all of the eggs were going to be infertile because it was the first time either of them had spawned. Seems I was in the wrong, they did a good job :-D. I think Kanki is a super dad or something because all of the fry are staying in the nest with zero difficulty, I think he himself has already weeded out some of the weaker fry and keeping the nest huge for the fry to stick easily.

Side note, the brine shrimp hatched in 20 hours so now I know the approximate hatching time for these grade of brine shrimp (Premium).

I will attempt to take photos with this Iphone but it isnt good with zoom in pictures. I hope they become free-swimming soon!
That sounds great. Also like he has everything under control. Though the hard part for him isn't right when the fry hatch and some fall just a little. It becomes a REAL challenge for him when the fry are becoming free swimming and the FRY, not he, are trying to try out their new swim bladder. The fry seem to become impatient and try to swim, while their swim bladder is still developing and they need to work on it while still sinking slowly.

With my iPad, I was able to take fairly good pictures of my fry, but when you have IAL in the tank, the quality is harder since it's darker. If your male is dark (and he is) it'll be harder to take picture of him tending the nest unless you put a flashlight under the nest to see the little wrigglers.

The male in your Avatar. Who is that? Is he another male that you have? I am just curious because his color is really nice and dragons have always been a favorite of mine.
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The little man in my avatar is Bartleby, he was the betta that got me interested into the idea of breeding. Unfortunately, he is also the reason I no longer trust my tapwater. Not only is it awful for bettas (Ph and hardness wise) there is bacteria in the water that has killed almost all of the fish I was owning at the time, including Bartleby (I woke up in the mourning and at the bottom of all the tanks was a orange dust that wasn't there when I changed the water.) He was the first betta I was going to breed because I loved his color, I now filter all my water before it goes into my aquariums.

The loss of Bartleby and many of my other fish taught me a hard lesson I will not soon forget.

I managed to capture a picture of the babies with the Ipad we own which I had forgotten about until Bettalover mentioned it. They are very small and I had to crop the photo down in order to blow them up a little bit.

They are adorable, earlier I watched this one fry that kept spiraling down and couldn't make it back into the bubble nest even after Kanki had helped the fry a few times. When the fry began to spiral down again Kanki sucked him up and instead of blowing him back into the nest, Kanki swam around with the baby in his mouth for a minute or two, then spat the fry back out and it stuck like glue to the bubbles! Poor thing was tired, it needed a rest and dada helped him out :p.
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A lot of little tails! Looks like a good number if fry.
That is definitely for sure! I know some of the forum members count or guesstimate the number of fry in a spawn. All I know is that this is not going to be a small spawn, the IPad would only focus on certain sections of the bubblenest and would blur out the rest. The fry are becoming more active now but are not completely free swimming yet, it doesnt stop them from trying out those new swimming bladders! I'm beginning to wonder what the majority of the fry coloring is going to be (I'm guessing solid blues and greens with maybe some butterfly patterns?) im hoping the spawn suprises me and I'll get a few double tails. Anyways, that's still a ways down the road and as the saying goes "don't count your chickens before they hatch."

For now lots of love, food and attention!

Ever have one of those times where you have good news and bad news? Well here is one of them.

The Good News: Almost all of the fry are now free-swimming and are starting to slowly venture from the nest. Probably eating infusoria or just stretching their baby muscles.

The Bad News: My microworm culture is extremely watery for some reason so I had to dump more oatmeal into the container and make a new culture to hopefully boost the population.

More Good News? I had started another BBS culture last night and they hatched this mourning so I could feed them to the fry until the microworms stabilize along with some Golden Pearls. Will the BBS be too big for them still or do you think they will be fine? I've heard different thoughts about this, if they are too big I might just let them subsist off of the infusoria.
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