I got another rescue betta around two months ago, and he’s a special boy. He came from a nasty pet store with a bad case of swimbladder. It took nearly a month for him to finely swim normal for 8 days in a row. We think that probably for most of his entire life he has had a damaged swimbladder.

He needs a special feeding schedule that helps keep the floating on side issue away.
He should be fed one pellet in the morning 2-3 after work? And 1-2 at bedtime. If he gets more then 2 at a time he seems to float on his side rest of day until he poops it out, or until he 100% digests it. Sometimes he will start to exhibit floating signs for no real reason so you can do a Epson salt bath to help stop himself from having floating issues or nothing and it will either stop or just go through his little course.

He follows your finger, and would do perfectly fine with bottom feeders. He isn’t a fan as much with guppy’s, he will sometimes attack the side twice or something if one gets beside him but he did not care about octo’s or cories.

I do promise this guy is a healthy fish other then his little floaty issue. He is interactive and I’ve learned to overlook his difference. He is five bucks bc I paid 10 at store. This was store that doesn’t make exceptions.

He is such a lovely boy and would make an awesome pet!
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