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Splitting a 10 Gal. for 2 male bettas?

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Hey Guys!

I have just been thinking about splitting my ten gallon tank ( it currently houses my one veitail and has been housing him for over a year) and have been wanting to get a new sand substrate. Do any of you have experience with sand as a substrate (is it hard to clean with a gravel vac?) or do you recommend anything? I am only splitting my tank after my VT passes ( i want to have a plan, hope this doesn't sound mean, i love all of my animals dearly). I am thinking of upgrading to an Aqua-Clear filter ( i have heard these are REALLY good) because it has a slower current (adjustable flow) and keeps super crystal clear water. If i have a filter on one side of the tank, then the divider, then the heater, will any of my new fishes get warmer or cleaner water then the other(is this even possible?)? Also, will the one Betta on the filter side be beat up by the faster current on his side?

Any recommendations or pointers would really be helpful!
Ps! NEW news! Honeycomb's split fin this morning ( after treating with frequent water changes and AQ Salt ) was almost completely healed! I am just working on tho one little torn spot.......

Thanks for helping and viewing this thread!

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I have no experience with sand, so I do not know about Siphoning it.
If you have a Filter on 1 side, and it's low flow, I think that would be okay.
Otherwise, you could just baffle it, even if it's Low Flow.
For the Heater, you could just put it near the Divider so the other fish could get more warmth. If you are concerned about who gets more heat, just get a Heater that you can adjust. Just change it to 80F-82F. It's better more Hot than more Cold. Splitting the tank would be perfectly fine. Just make sure that the Divider isn't see through, and that they can't jump over it. An extra 2 inches would be okay. Good Luck with the new idea. :D
if the divider is see-through which many seem to be, make sure to stuff that tank full of tall, short, floating plants and a few ornaments to hide in.
Thanks i appreciate the advice!
Sand is pretty easy, but using a gravel vacc won't work. Instead, you'll have to turn off your filter each week and use either your figners or a stick thing to gently shift the sand around and get all the mulm suspended in the water and to prevent anerobid spots of lethal gas from building up. THen you just siphon it out. The only downside to it is that you see everything . All little bits of poop sit on top and sort of wave around. When I had white sand, I used a clean turkey baster several times a day to remove the stuff on top, but come water changes in a week, it'd still look messy.

Aquaclear is wonderful! It can got from a tiny trickle to a full blown blast depending on what you like or want.

As for dividing, if you make a homemade mesh divider, neither side should be more circulated or warmer than the other. I have a divided 10 gallon with an aquaclear (set on the lowest). The heater is flush against the mesh, partially to prop it up and paritally to make extra sure there isn't an uneven distribution of heat. Now, one side (the side without the filter) will tend to develop an irridescent protien film, but it doesn't bother the fishies any (Panache, my boy on that side) likes it because it helps keep his bubblenests together.
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Thanks, i think i will skip the sand and just get natural looking gravel. I will be getting the Aqua Clear and possibly a new heater because it is rusting.( it is fully submersible, but the inside is getting rusty) i might keep it though. Anyways, JKFish, what is this "protein film" you are talking about? Could you possible post a pic? Also, does this "film" create ammonia, or is it just an eyesore to look at?

Unfortunately, I can't, but if you see it, you'll know what it is.... It sort of looks like a tiny bit of oil spread over the top of the water. You know that shiney look, right? I'll try and snap a picture tomorrow and post it if possible.

It's harmless- just a film of microscopic bacteria (non harmful) just a bit of an eyesore. It doesn't create ammonia. Of course if it gets too thick, you can scoop it out with a cup and dump it out. Keeping a cover on the tank works or using an air bubbler work at keeping it to a minimum as well.
Thanks! You all have been so helpful!
I possibly might get a 5 gallon and/or keep my 10 gal.
Protein film is most common in still water, or water without a filter... It would be oily, and pretty thick after a while!! This can make it harder for bettas to get air from the surface. Easy to break it up - some people use paper towel to lay ontop to catch it all, others use cups or a turkey baster.
I do weekly water changes and just keep the cover on my tanks, and am yet to have issues with it being more than a very faint iridescent sheen. Though, with uncovered tanks, I used to notice a slight build up. I guess it just varies from house to house and tank to tank :)
I have to agree on that - an uncovered tank gets that film. Which is another reason I cover my fry tank :3
i think i actually might do a Betta sorority now...(i can't make up my mind!) here is my plan:

-new natural gravel( any Betta-safe recommendations?)
-6-7 silk plants(currently have)
-aqua-clear filter
-new heater?

if i do choose to do this, i rather have the tank understocked than overstocked. How many females could i house COMFORTABLY (3?).

UPDATE! Honeycomb's fins have almost fully healed!

Thanks again!
I will never suggest any less than 4 females. Comfortabley, I had 4-5 females in my 10 gallon. But you'll need more than 6-7 silk plants.. You'll need to stuff that tank with plants, and hidey holes because that'll ensure your bettas won't always be in each other's line of sight.

And good to hear about Honeycomb :) what a cute name!
thabks for the advice! I am just a newbie here and appreciate pointers!
Oh of course :) I would say though... stick with 2 males right now. A sorority is pretty hard, and if you happen to grab the 4 females who cannot be with each'd need 4 tanks, or divide 2 tanks.
yah that sounds good! A split 10 gallon it is!

Have any of you had great success with the Aqua-Clear filter? Would this reduce any of this "protein film'? I am thinking of getting it for the split tank as it (as i have heard) is very effective and has a convenient adjustable water flow. How much does this cost a month to maintain?
Adjustable water flow is awesome. I think my one tank has something similar, and it is great for divided tanks. I have... a 40 gallon, three 20 gallons, an 80 gallon with two filters, plus two ten gallons all running. My bill per month is cheap for electricity... It might make a whoooole 10 dollars for electricity for them :roll: cleaning it I rarely do except to swish to get algae off... I don't replace filter media until it falls apart... so generally = cheap.
Great! Looks like I will be getting one then! I am still somewhat confused on the filter media you have to replace, and the other stuff in the filter. I am just a newbie and my first filter(which i still have ) is just a basic cheap(it came in an aquarium kit) TOP FIN external hang on the back filter with a cat ridge inside the filter and an intake tube in the tank. I am not used to this snazzy stuff lol
I haven't had to replace mine - but mine is different in that aspect for the aquaclear which I believe has that "basket" with the carbon package, the sponge and the biomax. I don't remember if the carbon has to be replaced....every 3 months or something? someone else'll have to pipe in for that :)

If the fish is ever sick (please quarantine the new betta for 2 weeks) remove the carbon before treating
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