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Hi all :) i'm new to the forum!

I recently got back into the hobby and I was wondering if you guys could give me home ideas about possible tank mates for my betta!

Tank Info:
Standard 20 gallon filtered, heated, runs about 78 degrees!
Currently only stocked with 1 male betta!

20 gallons feels pretty empty with only 1 betta so I was wondering what you guys would recommend I add to the tank for the least conflict possible haha!


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Here's what been successful for me in my heavily planted aquariums. All are shoaling species so you should have no fewer than six of each. I can't stress enough how important a heavily planted tank is for success.

Ember Tetra
Pygmy Cory
Habrosus Cory
Hastus Cory
Espei Rasbora
Chili Rasbora
Neon Tetra
Celestial Pearl Danio

Not shoaling but at least three is good:
Male Fancy Guppies
Male Endlers Livebearers

Only start stocking when tank is fully cycled:

When adding fish to my aquariums I use Seachem Stability to help prevent a crash or a mini cycle. It has worked quite well.

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While i don't have a betta in my 20 gallon tall yet, I also suggest harlequin rasbora if it wasn't added to the rasbora list above. Mine are greedy little buggers, so I drop NLS 1mm pellets into the tank first to get them mostly fed, then add a small very small pinch of ocean nutrition formula two flakes in for my 3 endlers live bearer males and two blue eyed rainbow fish (these rainbowfish only get 1-2 inches at most) to eat.

my cherry shrimp hide in my java moss carpet so I rarely see them. I also rarely see my Siamese Algae eater as he hides under the crypto plants at the bottom of the tank except when he comes out for food/eats algae off plants.

good luck with the tank, can't wait for updates.
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