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Sterbai Corys.

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I love corys I know I want corys in my 15gal and now I've scrapped the idea of a tetra tank because Ky has had to move back in with the little guys, I went to my LFS to see what Corys they stock today. Sterbai grabbed my attention. They have loads in at the moment and they are really cute now I see them in person.

A few questions.

Of course, how likely am I to have a problem with Kyon and the cats?

How hardy are they especially in the settling in period?

Is a group of 4 ok or do they need more?

Are they ok in my tanniny water (IAL)?

Food? I was thinking cat fish pellets. What sort of supplements do they like, like fresh veg?

Thanks :D
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Nice choice for Cories, they're a bit bigger than Pygmys but they stay small.

The cories won't bother Kyon and I'm pretty he won't bother them as well, they're very good community fish like all if not most Cories out there.

They are generally hardy, better than most Cories that are caught in the wild, since they are easy to breed unlike some fish these guys adapt pretty well.

I would recommend keeping it in a shoal of 5 or more, maybe 6 of them would be a good number, makes them more confident.

And yes, they prefer water with a lot of tannins soaked into it. It makes them feel more at home since the Amazon waters are full of tannins.

As for food, they're omnivores just any good brand for sinking pellets. You can feed them frozen or live food sometimes to supplement.

Also make sure to have sand as your substrate!
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Righty oh! I'm dead excited for Tuesday/wednesday when we go to get them :D
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