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I should mention I am not encouraging you to try using the driftwood or experimenting with another fish. I don't see fish as units for experimentation and oh well if they die I've lost $8 (one betta). However, if I bought a used tank I would scrub, using UV light and the 6% vinegar to decontaminate. The use of alcohol in a fish tank scares me. I don't feel I could ever rinse well enough to get rid of it. I imagine you can but I can't feel comfortable with it.

I currently use the full strength 6% vinegar for cleaning and bleach separately.
I didn't think you were encouraging me to do any of that, I promise.

I have used alcohol before to rub things down, and so have a couple of friends of mine. I am not worried about the alcohol not rinsing. I also plan to rinse and rinse and rinse and just when I think I am good and don't have to rinse anymore, rinsing again.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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