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So I am fairly new to this, but I got my female Glofish betta about a month ago. I think she’s around 6-8 months old as she was fairly small when I got her and she has been rapidly growing. She is still active, eating, playful, friendly, and swimming fine, but she has started developing a large dark bulge on one side of her body with an almost freckle-like spot on the other end. No diseases I found match this description and I need help. She was recently exposed to ich and treated immediately, and shows no sign of spots. She did have a failed introduction with a couple of fish (including the sick swordfish that had ich, I didn't see the spots until he was under stress)
She now lives alone in a 20 gal that is kept around 78f with a filter and two air stones. The Ph has been admittedly a bit on the low side and I am treating with PH up. I have a nitrate test kit coming, the strips I got that were advertised as nitrate strips were misinformation.
I have been dip treating her with Methylene Blue for the past week just to ensure the ich is no longer in her system, and she seems fine, the only issue she seems to be having is the large lump. Is it a tumor, or something I can treat? I can't find anything matching it and I'm concerned for my sweet girl.
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