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Ammonia should be 0. If your tank isn't cycled, that's not going to be realistic leading up to a water change, but like bB said, Prime in an effective tool for rendering any ammonia you have non toxic. It doesn't replace water changes though. You need to do at least one 50% and one 100% change a week. I would personally do two 100%s because I find it easier in that size of a tank to just dump it all.

Don't use the pH dropping chemicals. Those are unstable and they can cause large shifts in the pH. Bettas can adapt to many pH levels, but if you really want it to change, you can add some plain rooibos tea or indian almond leaf (also called catappa leaves in pet stores) to your tank. It's a natural way that continuously releases tanic acids, which are good for your betta (in healing too) and lower pH. It's possible that the tank reacted poorly to the stopping of pH chemicals and weakened your fishes immune system, leading to being more susceptible to ammonia poisoning (another side effect).

With warm clean water and if you can get it, some rooibos or IAL, your betta should heal just fine. IAL also has the added benefit of helping keep wounds sterile, so you don't need to salt.
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