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Hey guys,

So I got my Betta fish about a month ago maybe three weeks. And everything was perfect he was so happy and healthy and he loved his home.

This morning I woke up and went to check on him and the stupid tank was leaking after only a few weeks like not even two months old, and the water was dropping really quickly. So I had to grab him and put him in the aquarium bucket with his plants (I tried to set them up nicely) while I went to get a new home for him.

The aquarium took ages to set up I saved all the water from the old tank I could for the good bacteria but I had to top up with cold tap water. because its larger. I have tested it and our water source is decent and i have dechlorinated it but it took much longer than I thought since this is only the second tank I have set up. Its much nicer and bigger, but I couldn't keep him in the bucket so I have put him in a goldfish bowl. This is like the 4th time I have had to move him today and he is super stressed.

I think I accidentally knocked his pectoral fin because he can move it when he wants at the moment but it seems sore. He is also got a little rip in the dorsal fin and there are stress lines everywhere and he is really listless.

He also seems afraid of me because I have had to catch him so often today. I feel so bad about this :frown2:, I feel like a horrible human and terrible fish parent and I didn't know what else to do as I didn't expect it to leak so soon and that badly. He's eating but he just looks listless and stressed.

Do you think he will be ok? I reckon his new home will be ready in an hour or two at the most and I'm not going to catch him and move him for ages after that unless I get unlucky with the tank again.

I really do love my fish, I haven't had him long but I did loads of research before hand but no way did I expect the tank to leak so soon. What can I do to help him>
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