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Substrate choices, please help me

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Hi guys!

I got a new betta over the weekend, and currently he is living in a 1 gal jar, while I set up his new home. I have another betta and he is in a 5 gal with gravel, but I don't reaaaally love the look of it. I was thinking of getting sand but I was told it gets dirty and it shows.

Can you guys lend me your expertise on this? Do you have sand and how do you clean it? Does it tend to look dirty over time? And how well does it do with live plants? Would it be enough with liquid fertilizer or do I need to add substrate tablets? What other substrate options have worked well for you?

I don't have any fancy equipment to really vacuum the substrate, just a siphon with a hand pump, so keep that in mind :laugh:
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Thank you for the detailed answer!
Thank you this helps a lot!
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