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Suggestions/ Opinions wanted - Stocking a 10 gallon

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Hi everyone!! :)

So I've had my Betta fish Dory for about a year now. We started out with a .5 gallon tank, which quickly became a one gallon bowl, which is now a 10 gallon tank (which has been established for a couple of months now). Along the way Tamandani (a mystery snail) who either came to us via previously used substrate or due to some live plants and Speedo (an assassin snail) who most likely appeared in my tank due to one of the same reasons, have joined us. Dory occasionally demonstrates a little interest and curiosity in Tamandani but for the most part ignores his newly acquired tank mantes and friends (Tamandani and Dory have been in the same tank about six months and I first noticed Speedo a couple weeks later). Since Dory doesn't seem to have any problems with other little critters, I'd like to add a few more compatible fish to the tank. Plecos will get too big (for the tank), I don't want another snail (mostly because I'm a little worried that Speedo might take them out - even though I haven't had a problem with him and Tamandani), shrimp are also out (for the same reason), corys need a larger tank...Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Much appreciated! :)

Also, on a slightly different topic, I don't want Speedo to eat Tamandani and am not comfortable with the idea of live feeding. So far, I've had zero problems, I supplement Dory's food with blood worms and I think the surplus/uneaten food might keep him happy. I'm assuming that if he isn't hungry he won't go after the other snail. So, how do I feed a carnivorous snail? Someone suggested putting a small piece of Tilapia in the tank, which I did, and Speedo just ignored it. Any advice?
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Are you worried about the snail eating the shrimp? Provided the snail is well fed, the shrimp have lots a cover and decent numbers, then you shouldn't have a problem with shrimp in your tank. My RCS are amazingly quick and will stand up for themselves against my betta!
Yeah, I'm worried that the assassin will go after any small, edible creature I put in the tank. I'm thinking about getting another ten gallon and separating them but if it'll be ok, I might go ahead and take the risk. I'd love to have some shrimp! That'd be awesome! :D

Thanks for the advice!
There have been stories that Assassin Snails will go after inverts, but normally that is only when they are they are on the verge of starvation, or when there is that many of them, in a few cases this is RCS that have been in huge numbers, and for the Assassin Snail that is an easy lunch... if they can catch them that is.
Ok, so I should be ok then, that is if I can get this feeding thing down. Is there anything else I can give him? I don't want him to go hungry/die? Is he fine eating leftover food/ should I get pellets? What's the protocol? Any advice?

I wasn't that worried when he was smaller but he's getting pretty big...

Thanks for the response! :D
Maybe try dropping a pellet, some bloodworms or dried shrimp right in front of the snail with a dropper/tweezers - mix up it's diet a bit and he/she should stay happy :)
I know some people that keep their Assassin Snails in small tank just for them, and collect up pest snails form other tanks to feed them. I have no idea however what else such a snail would accept as food that isn't moving, but it never hurts to try different things, does it.
I recall reading that hiding a blood worm where the betta can't reach it will help feed assassin snails. It's important that your betta doesn't eat their food before they reach it.

I love shrimp, and they come in many different colors. A dwarf crayfish might work, too.

Keep in mind that at any time, the betta can decide he or she no longer wants tank mates and may attack everything in there. If you can, I'd have at least a quarantine available to move the betta to if he starts attacking things. The one gallon bowl could work while you set up a new home. I mention this because it's happened to me, and all I had available at the time was a small, unheated jar that I covered with a towel over night.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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