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Summer 2012 Planned Spawns!

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Here are the spawns I currently plan on setting up this summer!!

Pastel Halfmoon Spawn

Blue/Purple Butterfly Halfmoon spawn

Fancy Halfmoon Plakat Spawn

Red Marble Veiltail Spawn

Dalmation Veiltail Spawn

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There will probably be a CT spawn in here somewhere too, I just have to find a nice male for my GORGEOUS female!
Beautiful fish! Can't wait to follow some of your spawn logs.
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Looks like some amazing pairs!!!amazing+amazing=double amazing fry!!!

2 VT Spawns! :O
Your PK pair is gorgeous.

5 spawns.... you're going to be busy :lol:. Good luck

2 VT Spawns! :O

I KNOW!!!shocking isn't it!!! :p
Why would you want to spawn VT???? You will have no buyers, and if you give them away then they will have no value to the new owners.... Misstreatment, small cups/bowls.....

I suggest sticking with the quality Bettas...

Thank you for your opinion. Myself and a few other breeders have decided to start working with VTs again, try and get them back into the shows. Even the great Karen Mac Auley thinks it's a good idea, They can be shown in the new breeders classes and variations right now, it's going to be a fun project.
I am also working on VTs. I plan on showing them in New Breeders starting this fall.

VTs are only bad for people who breed bettas just to breed and who aren't serious about breeding (ie most of the people who start breeding). We need more people who are serious about them to work on them and those breeders need knowledge on betta genetics to work on pure lines.
They are gorgeous! Especially love the fancy HMPKs and the dalmatian VTs.
OooOo very nice pairs
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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