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Super foggy tank? What do I do? Help!!

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So I just got back from a long vacation and my tank was covered in beautiful green algae and had super clear water! I did a 80% water change since the water was super yellow and there was a lot of waste, and then moved some things around inside, now the tank is INCREDIBLY foggy and I’m not sure why? It almost looks like greenish fog but only on the surface?
Will this go away/clear up on its own in a couple weeks? Is this something that is normal? What is the cause of it? Could it be the water de-chlorinater that I put in or something (since I use filtered water anyway, do I still need de-chlorinater?)
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I did a water parameter test and everything looks normal except the KH is at 60 (not sure how to fix this either or what i did that caused it? Is it the water de-chlorinater?)
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