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so I woke up this morning and turned on my bedroom light and was just laying in bed. I heard my fish thrashing around and hitting the sides of the tank, hard. So I looked up and ran over there to check him and by then he was just hovering on the bottom opening and closing his mouth.

when I came home from school and went over to the tank he was acting normal and swimming normal and flaring at me, like usual. but it is night now and I just noticed that his abdomen is slightly swollen. could it possibly be damage to the swim bladder as a result of the weird episode this morning????

other information: 5 gal. tank, 78F, no water changes within the past few days (biweekly) no new decor or other stuff, i've had him for a month, no tank mates

helppppp, i've attached images of the fish normally and now, to compare the swelling.


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