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Tail Biting and Tank Size?

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Hello Everyone!
So my Halfmoon Betta, Dragonfly, has started tail biting :-( I have no idea why, but am wondering if I upgrade his tank if he would perhaps stop his tail biting?

Right now he is a 2(ish) gallon Critter Keeper with a silk plant and a rock cave (that has very smooth edges), with a heater that keeps his tank about 78F :)

Any suggestions on how to get him to stop this? And if upgrading to a larger tank would help?
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Fin Biting
•Symptoms: Not to be confused with Fin/Tail Rot, Fin or Tail biting is when a betta bites his own tail, tearing off pieces. Fins will be ragged, they will look like there are chunks missing, Fin loss can occur overnight, The tips of the fins are clean, no black or red edging, You may spot him swimming in circles, chasing his tail, There may be no other behavioral change
Bettas bite their own tails out of boredom or misplaced aggression. To cure his boredom, try getting him a larger tank, move things around in the tank to spark his interest, put a mirror up to the tank a few times per day to let him exercise, offer a variety of foods, get him some tank mates (research into this first though), or put his tank next to another betta’s tank ect… Owners of fin biters often have to deal with their tendency for a lifetime but do what you can to draw his attention from his fins. When your betta does have a fin biting episode, it is important to keep his water extra clean to prevent infection. You can treat him for a few days with Aquarium Salt until you see regrowth but you do not want to overuse it. Using Stress Coat as the water conditioner will help fin regrowth.
Depicting from the above post. moving him to a relatively larger tank can have a positive effect towards this situation. also. adding more plants and cover will help
Why thank you! :-D

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I, too, have a fish that just started tailbiting. I feel your pain and am now looking into getting a 10 gallon to divide for him and my other boy. Tailbiter is my avatar and half his tail fin is nipped off. His fins looked better last night before bedtime, woke up this morning and :shock:!!! Bad Paarthurnax!! I even tried the ping pong ball floating on top, and bought him shiney gems and even place a chunk of lettuce to see if he needed something else to naw on. Not working and now need to expand.
I feel a lot better knowing this is common in heavy tailed fish! Sorry to hear :-( It's not fun. Makes me feel awful! I'm looking into getting him his own 5 gallon tank soon :-D Going to start slowly acquiring things for his new tank, including more plants, another cave, and a betta log.
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