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So I noticed this morning on my sister's betta that his tail has a couple "U" shaped marks out of them...

It's not fin rot, so he has to be tail biting.

What can I do to stop him from doing this?
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the only real thing is maybe fill the tank with more decorations or to move your decorations in a different arrangement to make him less bored. Other than that it is really up to your betta whether or not he stops. its a sad sight to see but it happens.
make sure decorations in your tank don't have sharp edges because betta's tail rips very easy.
I have a massive tail biter :shock:

What I did was get hims his own tank, he was in a divided one before, made sure the water was 80F, and added lots of silk plants and decorations! He has a hide cave, a terracotta pot he can also hid in, and a floating Betta log :-D

I am also going to be putting him into a natural planted tank, and might get him a few tank mates. I've heard this can help! I also move the decorations around, take some out and add different ones.
I have a few questions:

1. Are there any sharp objects like rocks, plastic plants, or maybe a strong filter?

2. Any tankmates?
No sharp objects.
No tankmates.
1 of mine did it big time (half tail gone) in a 2 gallon glass rectangle tank.
I had a white paper towel with decorations on it behind the tank along with a shinny reflective picture. I removed the picture and noticed he could see his reflection in the side glass of the tank so I took a pepsi box and cut it up for the background and sides of the tank. All he had in the tank was a mug as a cave, no gravel or decos.
I started visiting him more and he seemed to stop the tail biting.
I later moved him to a cycled 5 gallon tank that has a cling background (didn't start out with it), gravel and his mug in a location I walk by all the time leaving the room and in view from where I sit on the couch.
His fins have grown back fully now so I think reflection caused most of his tail biting and not boredom.
Have some pots soaking to make them caves instead of using the mugs, but my pH is high so they are having to be well aged.
Also have some mopani wood that I haven't started preparing yet for them.
I put a bridge in with another betta and he torn his fins up on it the first night. Wasn't really sharp. He totally ignored it that night, but when I got up in the morning I noticed he was picking to eat the green stuff off it and when he couldn't would lay on it then went straight up which I guess tore his fins. Was in the tank less than 12 hours. Got a banana plant for his tank, but it will probably die if it can't take high pH before I can get the driftwood ready to go in the tanks.
Just got 3 Aq. silk plants in today-locally not much of a selection and one column deco that didn't look like it would have anything sharp on it. Will test it with knee high hose though. Betta that tore his fins won't get anything new except the pot until his fins heal or watched closely if anything is added.
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In most cases a male that chews his own tail is reacting to a stressful situation. Sometimes bettas that are under constant bright lights have been known to resort to tail biting. I would try keeping his tank dimly lit. Right now he has an open wound so make sure his water is kept clean to prevent infection. I would add betta Complete Water Conditioner with almond leaf extract to heal his skin and reduce stress.
To heal Fins, Very Clean Water should do the Trick. Add Aquarium Salt if you want. It's not that necessary, but it could stop Infection.
Betta Fish like Dark Places. That's why Breeders sometimes off Lights during Breeding.
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