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Take a look at my Baby Betta!!!

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Got him around a month to a month in a half ago. He was so tiny when I bought him and he is still growing my slowly. He has been in a 5 gallon tank for about a week now. I have slowly moved him into my 10 gallon with a divider. He is showing a little color, Water temps stays between 78-81 degrees Fahrenheit. He swam around a lot before the switch. Now all he does is hide in his cave and plant and only comes out when food is out or just for a second. His diet consists of blood worms and mysis but mostly mysis with one or two blood worms a week. Could someone tell me if that's normal, or should I do something. I'm not new to bettas but I am new to baby bettas. Also if you can tell if he is male or female let me know:D.
I will be adding more pics as he comes out of hiding lol. Thanks in advanced. Just found this website loving it already.
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My baby betta hid to when he went into his new tank, he just needs time, if he's eating then he's coming up for air too. He'll be okay. Food wise I don't know but someone else will help, my guy was okay to eat small pellet food.
I have tried to feed him pellets he just looks at them lol.
I wonder if my betta is male or female
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