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Tall or long for a sorority?

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I have a used 25 gallon tall aquarium I bought that needs to be resealed and was just wondering if a 20 long or the 25 tall would be better suited for a 6 female betta sorority? I also plan on having 5 neon tetras,5 glowlight tetras and 5 bloodfin tetras within the tank

So that is 21 fish in total, I would be starting out with 6 tetras before I add the rest just to see how the females react to them or if the tetras try nipping their fins

I'm leaning more towards the 20 gallon long but just want to read everyone's opinions
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Personally, I would always go with the tank that offers the most horizontal swimming space, especially with a sorority where you don't want the females to be forced into close confines every time they come up to the surface to breathe or feed.
Odds or even numbers, I've never found it's made much of a difference. Two or three seem to be the numbers to avoid, and I personally recommend a minimum of five females, but I can't see how odd or even numbers play into the success of a sorority. I've yet to see a group of females split evenly into pairs so they can fight.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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