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tank care

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I everyone im new to the site and well iv had fish but not since i was a kid. I was looking at getting 2 2.5 gallon tanks and i wanted to plant then and have couple guppys in there. my question is do they need a compleate water change every other day or would be best to go up to 10 gallon with changing once a week
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Welcome to the Forum!

IME, Guppies should not be in anything less than a 10 gallon (20" long). They are active fish and the longer the footprint the better.

As far as water changes, it helps to know if the tank will have a filter. And do you know about cycling a tank? Here is this Forum's tutorial:

But a weekly 50% water change until the tank is cycled would be fine. SeaChem Prime is the key to safely cycling an aquarium.
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I'm with Russell. Except I would go with a 10 gal. and divide it in half and put in two male Betta. LOL or better yet get 2 5.5 gallon and two Betta. LOL Don't get me wrong I love all fish but Betta have a personality all their own. Guppies are beautiful but mindless.
Are you intending to put a Betta in the tank? Or is this to be Guppy-only?
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